April showers brings May flowers


As April of 2020 comes to an end, what is springing in you? To be slow enough to savour, to bear witness to the blossoming, budding, branching, leafing profusion, and to the allurements and urges of Nature in spring is to be part of the rhythmic celebration of aliveness. “Yes, Life!” May we take the time . . .

SPRINGFor me, anger has sprung up. The smallest things seem to tic me off. Anger is one of the negative emotions that plagues the liver, an action organ. The paired organ to the liver is the gallbladder and it is the decision maker. Don’t be indecisive, take action now. Spring is the season of the liver and it’s a good time to do some cleaning on your emotional locker.  Any healing work done on the liver during this time of the year is multiplied by its season. The liver is more receptive to cleansing than any of the other Zang- Fu organs. Is it time to be more proactive in your self-healing? Can you see all the activity in nature now that Spring is here? Spring is calling us to be more active so come join us every Thursday from 11-noon (PT) in Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID 636-690-079) for some deep organs detox. We have a special qi-gong set designed for the liver. Let your Qigong practice wash away all your pain, sickness and worries.