Sync With the Life Force

The coming season delivers the promise of transformation this year. Our shadow sides as a collective and as individuals came out to play (COVID19 & BLM) stirring up dramas of the past and harmful behaviors worthy of re-examination. Pain is a process and it’s only after we experience it that we are able to heal. This season encourages us to continue digging beneath the surface, to challenge our comfort zoon, and to implement actual change moving forward. A much-needed respite arrives with meditation. Relational matters benefit when the mind is calm. Optimal benefits accrue from the daily practice of meditation and Qigong. The kundalini energy will be sure to set the stage for years to come. And most importantly with continued practice, the cosmos will deliver a breakthrough. When life influence feels heavier unpack some forward motion and cosmic blessings with Qigong. You don’t want to miss out on this energy!