Six Healing Sounds


Through the 6 Healing Sounds the internal organs are strengthened and their functions are improved. Inhalation brings nourishment into the body and assists blood circulation and organ function. Exhalation, using the correct sound, serves to cleanse the body of harmful elements and waste, and to speed up the heat exchange through the digestive system. 


The Heart Sounds is the 2nd exercise of the the 6 Healing Sounds Qigong. Focus on the heart when exhaling the ” CAW” sound.

Pronouncing the sound: The “CAW” sound is made by opening the mouth the width of two fingers with the tongue down and behind the lower teeth. The sound is made by bringing the abdomen in and allowing the exhaling air to produce the sound. The sound should be slow and even. Use the mind to control the air.  Click on the link below and enjoy.

Heart Exercise from the 6 Healing Sounds


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