Winter is the season of the kidneys. Their energy is strongest in November and December. The kidneys correspond to North, the planet Mercury,and the color black or dark blue. They are the seat of the essence (ching) and therefore known as the root of life. The oringinal Qi (yuan chi) is born in the left kidney and enter the spine or ocean of Qi (chi hai) through the gate of destiny (mingmen) between the two kidneys. Qi is gathered and concentrated at this gate of destiny.

The kidneys are linked to the bladder and checked by the spleen. The kidneys are yin and bladder is yang. The brain, teeth, bones, marrow, head hair relates to kidney function. The ears are the sense organ of the kidneys and the urethra and anus their opening. Any damage to the middle region of the outer ear could indicate  weak kidney energy.

All scratches , bruises, and other accidental marks that occur to the face are cause by a malfunction of the organ related to that specific area. In other words, the weak organ inherently attracts an accident to occur to it on the face (or its related acupuncture meridian of the body).

Weak organs vibrate at a frequency which is not in harmony, and this cause the organ meridian to attrack energy. The energy created by an accident is the weak or diseased organ’s method of alarming one to correct the disease state.

Bags under the eyes could be seen as water retension, weak metabolism of the kidney/water  element. Eczema and fungus in the groin area genitals, sexual problems, infertility, swollen inner ankles all points to kidney problems. Weak kidneys can be represented by hair loss to the front part of the scalp, excluding normal male pattern baldness. Bone lost in the cheek area of the gums, loose or missing middle molars are good indications of kidney malfunction.

juvenile periodontitis,. an abnormal, extremely invasive condition characterized by severe localized pocketing and bone loss in the dental alveoli in adults. See the relationship between the words juvenile and kid-ney. Wisdom is the main attribute of the kidneys. Wisdom helps to overcomes sin and brings about maturity.

Excess sweet causes aches in the bones and the kidneys become  un-balanced; hair on the head falls out. Too much salt causes blood disease, hardens the pulses and complexion changes. Betterness in moderation has a stimalating effect on the kidneys. Saltiness and cold have a draining effect. Where warm clothes especiallly around the waist when it’ s cold.

Fear harms the kidneys and it couteracted by sympathy and counteracts joy. Symptoms appear as nervous heart, easy to startle, shiny complexion, or pain in the soles of the feet. Illness worsens during the four Chinese double hours of Earth  (5am to 7am),  quietens in the afternoon, and grows remiss toward midnight. Conditions of the kidneys may also affect the bladder. Symptoms are pain in the backs of the knees and little toes, flowing tears, pressure on the eyes, or severe headache. Fear is the first sign of sin. The kidneys filters the blood 400 times a day. That’s a lot of work.

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