The liver function as an equalizer of blood. It correspond to East, the planet Jupiter, and the color green. It is united to the gall bladder and is checked by the function of the lungs. The energy of the liver is manifested as a rising warmth and has highest circulation during March an April. This energy is outwardly judge in the nails and eyes. It regulates the function of the sinews and muscles and thus is the source of physical external strength. Sourness , wind and Spring stimulate the liver. Likewise , any of the affinities of the wood element in moderation have a positive effect and in excess will create a liver deficiency. Hence , sourness and wind in excess will deplete the liver. Symptoms of deficiency may appear as fullness of the chest, dry throat, yellowish complexion and fatigue. These symptoms will remiss in the morning, worsen in the afternoon, and quieten toward midnight. Liver illness can be a direct result of uncontrollable anger, which is cause by an over-abundance of the liver’s energy. Thus,  when their is an energy deficiency one is taken by fear,  and when an excess one is cinsuned by anger. Anger can be subdued by grief and counteracted by sympathy. The gall bladder is united with the liver and is therefore affected by the same affinities. However, the gall bladder has a special function to orient all the other organs. Symptoms of it’s deficiency result in heat in the external regions of the legs and bitter taste in the mouth.   

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