Together the stomach and spleen receive the chi acquired externally ( hou-tien chi or postnatal qi). The spleen stores the nourishing Qi  (ying chi) which circulates with the blood and through the meridians. It corresponds to the center, planet Saturn, and the color yellow. It is united with the stomach and checked by the liver. Externally the energy is manifested in the flesh and lips. The mouth is considered the opening to the spleen. It’s energy is strongest in April and May. Sweetness and humidity in moderation has a positive effect along with the Earth’s other affinities. The last 18 days of each season are said to represent the return of the energy to the center. The spleen’s energy can be drained by excess bitterness. Sympathy ia the emotion of the earth and when uncontained will impair the function of the Earth organs. Sympathy is counteracted by anger and counteracts fear. Symptoms appear as distended abdomen, diarrhea, pain in the big toe or root of the tongue. The illness will worsen at sunrise, quienten in the afternoon, and remiss at sunset. the receptacle of the stomach is united with the spleen. It acts as a reservoir and distribution center for energy extracted from food. Symptoms of excess energy in the stomach may appear as intense heat over the abdomen. Deficiency may appear as abdominal pains and chills. 

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