The lungs control the cycle of chi circulation in the body. Postnatal chi obtained from food and water goes via the spleen to the lungs as does the prenatal ( yuan chi) from the kidneys. Chi is then circulated by the lungs through the meridians. They correspond to West, the planet Venus, and the color white.They are is strongest in August and September. Dry weather in moderation, along with sourness has a stimulating effect. Sourness may be used to replenish the lung energy. Pungency in excess wchecked by the function of the heart, and linked to the large intestine receptacle. The nose is the opening of the lungs and the skin and hair are external manifestations. This energy ill drain the lungs. Sorrow over-felt will also drain the lungs. Sorrow can be counteracted by genuine joy and counteracts anger. Symptoms of excess energy included blocked nasal passages, pain in the shoulders and hoarseness. Deficiency is indicated by shortness of breath, abnormal urine color or disturbed circulation. Illness will worsen at noon, remiss in the afternoon and quieten at toward midnight. The lungs are linked with the large intestine. Illness of the intestine may appear as disability of the index finger, dryness of the mouth or block nasal passages.

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