Du-4 Gate of Life Mingmen ) On the posterior midline, below the spinous process of the 2nd lumbar vertebra (L2).
How to find
For orientation in the lumbar region (➞ 3.4.3), first, locate the Tuffier’s line by placing both hands directly superior and lateral to the two highest points on the iliac crest, joining the thumbs on the midline. The line will generally intersect with the spinous process of L4. (Note: Orientation on the lumbar region depends on the patient’s position; for more detail on differential orientation ➞ 3.4). From there, count up to the spinous process of L2 and locate Du-4 on the midline, below the spinous process.
Located on the same level are a point of ➞ Ex-B-2/BL-23//BL-52 (0.5/1.5/3 cun lateral to the midline).


● Tonifies Kidney Yang (especially with moxibustion), warms the mingmen, strengthens the Kidneys,regulates the du mai,benefits the lumbar region
● Pacifies Wind in the du mai

Special features
Major point for tonifying Yang, especially Kidney Yang


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