(L.I.-10 Arm Three Miles SHOUSANLI  ) 2 cun distal to ➞ L.I.-11, on the line connecting ➞L.I.-5 and ➞L.I.-11, on the extensor carpi radialis longus muscle; a deeper insertion will reach the supinator muscle.
How to find
Please note: With the hand supinated, the line connecting ➞ L.I.-5 and ➞ L.I.-11 runs along the radial margin of the forearm.
However, with the arm pronated, it transverses the forearm.
L.I.-10 lies on the dorsal aspect of the radius and is best located with the forearm in midposition and with the elbow flexed. First, palpate ➞L.I.-11 in the depression lateral to the radial end of the cubital crease. L.I.-10, usually sensitive to pressure, is found by measuring 2 cun distally from ➞ L.I.-11 on the connecting line.

● Regulates the Qi and Blood (in the upper extremity), opens the channel and luo vessels, alleviates pain
● Regulates the Stomach and Intestines


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