(L.I.-15 Shoulder Bone JIANYU  ) In the depression distal and anterior to the acromion, between the clavicular and acromial portions of the deltoid muscle.
How to find
Ask the patient to abduct their arm. With the arm in a horizontal position, two depressions will form in the insertion area of the deltoid, distally to the acromion. By placing the thumb and index finger in those depressions in a pincer-like grip (with thumb and finger 1 thumb’s breadth apart), the anterior finger will be in the anterior depression, where L.I.-15 is located.
➞ T.B.-14  is located under the posterior finger in the dorsal depression.

● Expels Wind-Damp, opens the channel, alleviates pain, supports the shoulder joint
● Expels Wind
● Regulates the Qi, resolves Phlegm
Special features
Meeting point with the yang qiao mai. Important local point for disorders of the shoulder, often used with chain-and-lock method (➞8.3.6) with other channel points of the upper extremity.


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