Du-20 Hundred Meetings BAIHUI – Acupuncture Points ) At the junction of a line connecting the apices of the ears and the midline, 5 cun from the anterior or 7 cun from the posterior hairline respectively.
How to find
Spreading hands technique (➞ 2.3.3): Place the hands on both sides of the head, with the little fingers touching the apices of the ears. Join the thumbs on the midline and locate Du-20 in shallow depression on the vertex of the head (alternative location method: use an elastic tape, with the midpoint marked on it).
The symbolic counterpart to Du-20 (as the highest point on the body and in contact with heaven) is ➞KID-1 , the lowest part of the body and in contact with the earth.
● Calms Wind, pacifies Yang, benefits the Brain and sensory organs, calms the shen
● Nourishes the Sea of Marrow; applying moxibustion raises the Yang
Special features
Meeting point with the BL, G.B., T.B. and LIV channels; Sea of Marrow point. Important point for descending the Yang (reducing needle techniques) or raising the Yang (tonifying needle techniques, moxibustion).


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