(Du-26 Man’s Middle RENZHONG ) Below the nose, on the upper third of the philtrum. Note: shuigou (Water Grave) is an alternative name for this point.
How to find
Locate the philtrum, which forms a distinct groove on the midline between the root of the nose and the margin of the upper lip.
Locate Du-26 sligthly superior to the midpoint of the philtrum. ➞L.I.-19  is located on the same level, 0.5 cun lateral to the midline.

● Revives consciousness
● Benefits the face and nose, eliminates (external) Wind
● Benefits the spine
Special features
Meeting point with the L.I. and ST channels; Sun Si Miao Ghost point. Major point for acute emergencies: Needle with strongly reducing technique. If no acupuncture needle is available, use a syringe or perform strong acupressure with the nail of the thumb or index finger, supporting the patient’s chin with the same hand. Can be used in cases of needle collapse – first remove all other needles.


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