( GB-30 Jumping Circle HUANTIAO – Acupressure Point ) With the patient lying on their side, the point is at the junction between the medial two-thirds and the lateral third of a line connecting the greater trochanter and the sacral hiatus.
How to find
Patient’s position: Supine or, better, lying on their side, preferably with the hip and knee joints of the side to be needled flexed and the lower leg straight. Use pillows, etc, for a comfortable position. Reference points: the sacral hiatus (➞ 3.4.4) and the
lateral prominence of the greater trochanter (➞ 3.6). G.B.-30 is located on a line connecting these two points, one third of the distance from the greater trochanter.

● Opens the channel and the luo-connecting vessels, alleviates pain, benefits the hip and legs, eliminates Wind-Damp.
Special features
Meeting point with the BL channel, Ma Dan Yang Heavenly Star point. Important point for disorders of the hips.



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