(Ren-17  Chest Centre DANZHONG – ) On the anterior midline, on the level of the 4th intercostal space.
How to find
Quick method, especially in men: Locate Ren-17 on the sternum, between the two nipples. For more detailed orientation on the intercostal region (➞ 3.5), first, locate the manubriosternal synchondrosis, which can be felt on the sternum as a welldefined horizontal bony structure on the level of the costal cartilage of the 2nd rib. The 2nd intercostal space is below it. From there, count in an inferior direction to the 4th intercostal space.
Locate Ren-17 on this level on the midline of the sternum. Located on the same level in the 4th intercostal space are ➞ KID-23/ST-17/P-1/SP-18/GB-22/GB-23 (2 cun lateral to the midline/on the nipple/1 cun lateral to the nipple/6 cun lateral to the midline/on the axillary line/1 cun anterior to ➞ G.B.-22).
 Caution: Intracardiac needling, pneumothorax. The sternum can be very thin in this area owing to embryonic ossification disorders! Moxibustion is recommended in order to tonify the Qi, but caution with asthmatic patients.
● Regulates and benefits the Qi, unbinds the chest, descends counterflow Lung and Stomach Qi
● Benefits the breasts
Special features
Front-mu point of the Pericardium, meeting point with the SP, KID, S.I. and T.B. channels. Hui-meeting point of the Qi. Sea of  Qi. Important point for respiratory disorders.



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