( GB-31 Wind Market FENGSHI ) On the lateral aspect of the thigh, inferior to the greater trochanter, approximately 7 cun proximal to the popliteal crease.
How to find
Ask the patient to place their hands on the imaginary seam of their trousers (this is best done with the patient standing). G.B.-31 is located where the middle finger touches the lateral aspect of the thigh. Or: The distance between the highest prominence of the greater trochanter (➞3.6) to the popliteal crease is 19 cun (➞2.2).
Divide this distance into thirds and locate G.B.-31 1 cun proximal to a third of the distance from the popliteal crease. Sensitivity to pressure should help determine the location of this point.

● Eliminates Wind, Dampness and Heat
● Opens the channel and alleviates pain




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