[(BL-40) Middle of the Crook WEIZHONG –] In the centre of the popliteal crease, between the tendons of the biceps femoris and semitendinosus muscles.
How to find
This point is best located with the patient’s knee slightly flexed.
Locate the centre of the popliteal crease (a pulse may be palpable)
and there locate BL-40.
Located on the same level are ➞ BL-39  (1 cun laterally),
➞ KID-10  (more medially, between the tendons of the semimembranosus
and semitendinosus muscles) and ➞LIV-8 (more
medially, anterior to the tendons of the semimembranosus and
semitendinosus muscles).
 Caution: Popliteal nerve, artery and vein
lie deep to this point. Use moxibustion with caution (contraindicated
according to some authors). To clear Heat and eliminate
stasis: bleed the superficial veins, possibly followed by brief cupping.
Caution: Only use for excess conditions and in constitutionally
robust patients. BL-40 is also indicated as a distal point for
the lower back: needle with the patient standing (for safety and
balance, use a treatment couch or chair as a support for the hands)
and ask them to move their lower back gently while manipulating
the needle (only short needle retention). When needling this point
with the patient in a prone position, place a supporting roll or
pillow under the ankles to relax the popliteal crease.

● Clears (summer) Heat, stops vomiting and diarrhoea
● Cools the Blood
● Benefits the lower back and knees, opens the channel and luo
vessels, alleviates pain
Special features
He-sea point, Earth point, lower he-sea point of the Bladder, Ma
Dan Yang Heavenly Star point, Gao Wu command point of the
lumbar region. Important distal point for the lower back, point
with a wide range of indications.


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