( SP-9  Yin Mound Spring YINLINGQUAN –) With the knee flexed, this point is located in a depression distal to the medial condyle of the tibia, at the junction of the shaft and the medial condyle.
How to find
Patient’s position: Preferably locate and needle SP-9 with the knee bent and the hip slightly externally rotated, so that the knee slightly lifts from the surface, or rest the knee in an externally rotated position on a knee support. Location: Palpate along the posterior border of the medial crest of the tibia towards the head of the tibia to locate SP-9 in a pressure-sensitive depression at the junction of the shaft and the head of the tibia. This depression is located between the pes anserinus superficialis and the belly of the gastrocnemius muscle (➞ 3.6.1).
Located on the same level but 1 cun posterior to SP-9 is ➞LIV-7.
Located on the lateral aspect of the lower leg is ➞ GB-34  (anterior and inferior to the head of the fibula).

● Regulates the Spleen, transforms Dampness, regulates the water passages, benefits the Lower Burner
● As local point for disorders of the knee, especially if there are swellings
Special features
He-sea point, Water point. One of the major points for eliminating Dampness anywhere in the body. Important local point for disorders of the knee. SP-9 is located approximately on the same level as ➞ G.B.-34. If indicated, this point tends to be very tender upon pressure.




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